Phone and Internet Coaching

Employees will also have access to Health Coaches by phone and online with secured instant messaging service. This offers a higher level of privacy for some employees than talking on the phone.

Health Coaches are professional health educators with backgrounds in public health, health science and other health related fields. Our Coaches are available via our toll-free number or online, our one-on-one, real-time, online instant messaging service or even in person by appointment.


  Online Services

Unlimited access to the members only section online which includes:

· Resource Locator
· Health Risk Assessment
· Discount Store
· Videos
· Health Chat
· Free books and Tip Sheets

Services are also available on the World Wide Web. A combination of the best
in health and wellness and the latest in online technology, this service makes it
even easier for employees and their families to access programs and providers

  The following features are included on our website:

WellChat: A private, one-on-one consultation with a professional health educator who can answer preventive health questions, develop personalized wellness plans and assist in finding the appropriate resources.

WellTips: Provides user-friendly information about non-traditional and self-help approaches. Included are the Health Information Library, WellClips – short videos covering self-help including breast self-exam, prostate cancer, and skin cancer; massage; and acupuncture; and FAQs.

Personal Health Profiles
: An individualized health risk assessment that provides recommendations for health improvement (explained in detail on the next page).

Healthy Weigh
: A weight management resource that combines mind, body and diet in a way that makes successful weight loss more attainable. The program gives people the tools they need to set realistic goals and supports their efforts to achieve them.

Total Wellness Forum: A public chat room where WellCall will host special forums with leading health and wellness experts.

The Store: WellCall’s discounted online store, which contains access to discounted vitamins and supplements plus discounted books and videos.


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